Monday, March 31, 2014

[Sir Tristram]

"Howth (pron Hoaeth) = Dan Hoved (head)
Sir Amory Tristram 1st earl of Howth changed his name to Saint Lawrence, b in Brittany (North Armorica)" JAJ
Howth has been a contested prize for more than 1000yrs

T&I's love-triangle was an ancient story in every culture

10 August (feast of St Lawrence) 1177: Battle of the Bridge of Evora won by Sir Armoricus/Almeric Tristram/Tristan [cite]

Tris [fweet-191]

Howth [fweet-148]

Joyce used Bedier's [fweet-11]

*T* [fweet-8]

St Lawrence [fweet-16] Laurence [fweet-36]

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